Easterly Surety & Insurance, based in Walnut Creek, CA, provides best-in-class insurance programs and Surety bonds for clients across California.

ES&ISI was founded in 1987 by Kevin Easterly with the goal to write tough classes of business and to provide the best possible policies available in the marketplace. In addition Easterly Surety & Insurance offers the best possible customer service to go along with that.

We serve any type of Contractor, Commercial Building Owner or Commercial Account in the San Francisco Bay area, Northern California, including Nevada.


Our specialty niches are as follows:
• Commercial Insurance Accounts
• Developers (Tracts, New Condos, New Apartments)
• General & Engineering Contractors (A&B Licenses)
• Artisan Contractor (We can write any C license type contractor and any type of work)
• Environmental Coverage (Mold & Mildew, Asbestos Abatement, Lead Abatement)
• Property Owners (Any type of building) Condo’s apartments


Easterly Surety & Insurance Services, Inc.


We write all types of Contractors/ Complete Package Policies. We analyze construction contracts including hold harmless language.


We write all types of Developers including any type of project, Artisan Contractors or Subcontractor including New Tracts and New Condos Tailored Wrap policies.


We tailor insurance policies for all types of commercial accounts


We can write any type of commercial property in the State of California/Nevada-we write properties in SF. Age is not an issue.


Policies Offered
Workers Compensation   |   General Liability   |   Umbrella   |   Commercial Auto   |   EPLI   |   Property   |   I/M Bonds



ES&ISI has seen many changes in the Insurance Industry in the past couple of years. Rates for General Liability Insurance have flattened out and are slowly rising.

We believe a majority of the pricing is economically driven. There are fewer accounts to go after and market breadth has decreased. Insurance Companies are positioning themselves very aggressively with rate cutting platforms in order to write the business

On the other hand Workers Compensation rates have held strong. Overall, Work Comp rates have gone up 10-15% in the past 12 months. Workers Compensation carriers are tightening up on their underwriting and underwriting guidelines have become much stricter. Overall claims payments are going up especially related to Medical costs and lost time claims.

Performance & Payment Bonds have also tightened up due to Increased Bond claims and customers credit worsening. The market for bidding public works projects is extremely competitive. Some bids have up to 15 bidders. Some bids are going for cost or less. Some contractors are going after market share and trying to keep their employees busy and productive. Most contractors can’t qualify for bonds over $250,000. If a contractor needs bonds higher than $250,000 then a full submission needs to be submitted including two years of business Financials Personal Financials Etc.